Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Visit to Martha`s Vineyard

My little sister invited me to use our other sister`s Harbor Landing timeshare in Vineyard Haven this weekend. What a great idea!

She came to our house in Rhode Island last night so we could leave at 7:00am to catch the 9:00 fast ferry out of New Bedford, MA. Neither of us had taken that ferry before. We decided the only thing that justified the $70 round trip ticket cost was not having to drive an extra three hours round trip to Woods Hole. I got the senior price of $60.

We left my car in the satellite parking lot a half-mile from the pier and took the shuttle. On it, we met two hilarious guys on their way to a Vineyard weekend bachelor party. One of them couldn`t find his Ferragamo wallet to pay for the $12/day parking fee after his friend drove and paid for gas. So, he became the butt of jokes for the rest of our trip over. Joanne nicknamed him Caitlyn Ferragamo because he wore red/pink shorts and was a bit of a diva. We enjoyed Bloody Mary`s on the very comfortable hour-long ferry ride into Oak Bluffs.

On arrival, we bid our new friends a dieu and headed to town. I over-packed my shoulder bag and exclaimed out loud how I wished there were lockers to put our heavy bags in. Check-in wasn`t til 3:00pm, and it was 10:00am. A guy overheard me and told us there were lockers at The Dockside across the street. I love being a member of the loud family!

After stashing our bags for $5, we headed to Circuit Ave., ending up at Linda Jeans for breakfast and watermelon mimosas. We talked about how much our mother loved this place. She came up a lot today. We were recapturing her memory and some of our own of this beautiful island.

We walked the Avenue to see what had changed in the more than a decade since either of us had been here. The Island movie theater has been condemned as unsafe and will likely be torn down. The only theater right now is in Vineyard Haven. We strolled around The Methodist Campground where the Gingerbread Houses are, and reminisced about our mother`s friend, Phyllis` cottage and her mother`s cottage next door. We talked about how Joanne`s girls played in the park out front with the cousins and how much Ma loved it here.

We stopped for a beer and Sushi afterwards, grabbed our bags and headed to the bus to Vineyard Haven to check in and take a nap. Now we`re getting ready to meet my friend, Claire, to get caught up. I haven`t seen her in a dog`s age. More laytah.

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