Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday Night

After a lovely afternoon nap, we ventured to Main Street in Vineyard Haven to meet my friend, Claire. I hadn't seen her in many years. As we turned the corner, we ran into our new friend, Caitlyn Ferragamo wearing his Burberry skinny jeans,  and his friend coming out of The Mansion House. Screams and big hugs of welcome ensued. He said, "We`ve been talking about you all day and how you busted our balls." We said, "We`ve been talking about you all day, and I called you a diva in my blog!"

He showed us pictures they took yesterday, including a selfie in sombreros. Caitlyn had been showing us family pictures on the ferry too. They invited us up to the pergola tonight for wine. They belong to a wine club called Knights of the Wine Table, complete with a crest patch. We just might go.

After catching up with Claire, I asked her to drop us in Oak Bluffs. It was on her way anyway. We enjoyed several cocktails and food on the harbor at Lobsterville Restaurant for sunset, and made several more new friends.

We walked to Our Market for wine and beer, then flagged down the #13 bus to Vineyard Haven. It was packed with drunk young women. We all hooted and hollered together like girlfriends, then they hopped on the ferry and left the island. "Love you!" We all yelled. Then, we ended our evening drinking on the third-floor deck with a much improved view of the harbor lights now that the fire station is gone, and the ruckus in front of Cumberland Farms. Police were called. Another exciting night in the dry town of Vineyard Haven.

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